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Training The Next Generation Of Sowers

Join Us!

Join us for a new term beginning on September 7, 2017.  For more information call 912-685-2222.


GBC is a ministry-focused four-year Christian college located on the campus of the Guido Evangelistic Association in Metter, Georgia that is dedicated to training the next generation of Sowers to Discern, Develop and Disciple the world.


The beginning of Guido Bible College had its roots in the early ministry of The Guido Evangelistic Association. Although no certificates, diplomas or degrees were awarded, the founder, Michael A. Guido, D.D., was well-known and deeply-loved for his knowledge of God’s Word and his ability to teach the truths of Scripture in heart-warming and life-changing Bible studies. Traveling throughout the state of Georgia and across America his interpretation of the Bible and explanation of the message and meaning of profound themes and doctrines resulted in a teaching ministry that included radio and television programs as well as numerous publications that covered the globe.

To establish his intense love for the study of God’s Word and sharing His truths the Guido Bible College was founded in 2010. With extensive studies in all areas of knowing, understanding, applying and sharing the message of the Gospel the College is committed to “doing things no other evangelical ministry has ever done to reach individuals who have never been reached before.” This resulted in developing a program of study to train internet evangelists, missionaries and individuals who were interested in reaching those who are looking for hope and salvation that only comes from Jesus Christ.




“I personally needed to teach this class and be a part of this group at this time in my life. It has helped me tremendously.”

– Cyd Pagliarullo, M. Div., Instructor – Revelation and God, Winter 2012

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