From your time as a student to your post-graduate experience as an alumni, Guido Bible College’s support continues.

GBC Alumni Association

The Guido Bible College Alumni Association is an organization that exists to keep GBC Alumni involved and informed in the life of the college. It is our hope that after a student graduates from GBC they will stay connected, loyal and supportive to our beloved college.  GBC’s mission is to equip and train students to go into the world and make more disciples for Christ. It is exciting and encouraging to see how the Alumni of GBC are ministering in our local communities, our state, our nation and throughout the entire world.

GBC is thankful and proud of the commitment of Alumni to continue to support the future of their Alma Mater by helping current students reach their educational goals through financial gifts and participation in GBC events.  It is vital for our GBC family to stay connected because together we are more effective in serving Christ. We ask that our Alumni keep their contact information and where they are serving in ministry current.  For more information contact Cyd Pagliarullo at (912) 685-2222 or

Alumni Spotlights

Barbara Cato

Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies, 2018
Barbara continues to use the education and training she received at GBC to teach Sunday School at First Baptist Church Sandersville, GA. She is also serving the Lord through teaching children in her neighborhood and her own grandchildren.  Barbara also uses social media to share inspiration and art with others. 

Harold Piet

Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry, 2018
Harold is serving as Interim Pastor at Merrywood Baptist Church in Statesboro, GA. He is also as an evangelist to motorcyclists through membership in The Christian Motorcyclist Association.
“Thanks to Guido Bible College, I am now working on a Masters in Ministry at Luther Rice College and Seminary.  Other than that, retired and enjoying life.”

Blake Hicks

Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry

Blake is serving as Pastor at Bay Branch Baptist Church in Screven County.  Blakes continues to benefit from his years at GBC, as he leads the church during Sunday morning and evening services and Wednesday night prayer meeting.

The Bennetts

Rev. Danny R. Bennett, Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry, 2018
Evangelist Verna Bennett, Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry, 2018

Danny is the pastor of Sandhill Baptist and Kelsey Chapel in Millen, GA. Danny and Verna work together to spread the Word of the Lord.

While students at GBC, Danny and Verna, who are both gifted speakers and musicians, led the student body in chapel many times.  They continue to serve the Lord in both churches through teaching and worship.