Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies

About the Program:

Students, who have completed the Certificate in Biblical Studies, or its equivalent, may be admitted to the Associate of Arts in Biblical studies program if they can, or have demonstrated, a call to Christian Ministry. This course provides students with a fundamental knowledge of theology, ethics, apologetics, evangelism and discipleship. It is designed to equip students with the basic skills of Christian ministry as well as an opportunity to apply those skills in various areas of service in and through the local church.

Program Educational Objectives

Objective: Describe the development of Christian ethics from the teachings of the Old and New Testaments and their relevance in today’s culture.

Classes: The Life and Teachings of Jesus, The Prophets, Ethics, Pauline Epistles

Objective: Contrast the message and methods of evangelism and discipleship utilized in the early church to the methods utilized in churches today.

Classes: Acts of the Apostles, Pauline Epistles, Evangelism and Discipleship, Introduction to Psychology

Objective: Develop a program of evangelism and discipleship that is church-centered, community-oriented, and trans-denominational.

Classes: Life and Teachings of Jesus, Ethics, Acts of the Apostles, Pauline Epistles, Evangelism and Discipleship

Objective: Participate in a program of Spiritual Formation and Christian Ministry Spiritual Formation.

Topics: Obedience, Praise, Fasting Christian Ministry: Students choosing

Requirements for the Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies

  1. Completion of all courses, or their equivalent, in the Certificate in Biblical Studies with a GPA of 2.00.
  2. Completion of all Christian service requirements as presented in the Guido Bible College Student Christian Service Manual.
  3. Payment of all tuition expenses, student fees and graduation fees.

Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies Coursework

Year Two – Fall Semester

Jesus, the Prophets and Morality

Life and Teachings of Jesus (BI209), 3 hours
Ethics (ETH201), 3 hours
The Prophets (BI204), 3 hours
Spiritual Formation and Ministry Seminar: Obedience (SF201), 1 hour

Year Two – Winter Semester

The Reason for the Church

Acts of the Apostles (BI205), 3 hours
Introduction to Psychology (PSY101), 3 hours
The Pauline Epistles (BI206), 3 hours
Spiritual Formation and Ministry Seminar: Praise (SF202), 1 hour

Year Two – Spring/Summer Semester

Our Witness to the World

Evangelism and Discipleship (MIN201), 3 hours
Basic Mathematics (MATH201), 3 hours
Ecology (ECOL201), 3 hours
Spiritual Formation and Ministry Seminar: Fasting (SF203), 1 hour

Fall Semester Course Descriptions

BI 209 - Life and Teachings of Jesus

This course is an intensive study of the historical and religious nature of Jesus of Nazareth. It will largely focus on significant aspects of His life and ministry as these are related in the Gospel literature of the New Testament. The major incidents and teachings contained in the Jesus tradition will be studied, with particular attention given to the historical and theological issues involved. A discussion of the current scholarly debate on the reliability of the Synoptic Gospel accounts of Jesus’ life and teachings are included.

ETH 201 - Ethics

This course deals with what is the proper course of action for man. It answers the question: “What do I do if, when, now…” It is the study of right and wrong in human interactions and endeavors. It can be described as a means to
categorize our values and pursue them, our pursuit of our wants, needs and desires and the impact they have on
others who have their own wants, needs and desires and at what point do we sacrifice our own goals for the goals of others. It investigates the source of values whether in the Bible, man, nature or none of the foregoing.

BI 204 - The Prophets

This course will introduce students to the study of the Major Prophets comprised of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel, and Daniel. Emphasis is given to these Biblical texts, their interpretations, theological themes, and the various critical issues involved in their interpretation.

SF 201 - Spiritual Formation and Ministry Seminar: Obedience

Obedience, for the Christian, is freely submitting to the authority of God’s teachings as revealed in Scripture. Obedience becomes possible to the believer who lives in Christ and willingly surrenders all of life to the will and ways of God and becomes His servant through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Winter Semester Course Descriptions

BI 205 - Acts of the Apostles

This course is a study of the Book of Acts and its historical and biblical relevance for the ministry, function and purpose of the church when it was initially established and its function and mission today. The nature and mission of the early church is compared and contrasted to the nature and mission of the church today in its contemporary setting and its present theological positions and sociological emphasis.

PSY 101 - Introduction To Psychology

An introduction to the general field of psychology, emphasizing concepts helpful for understanding contemporary psychology and those basic to further study.

BI 206 - The Pauline Epistles

This course is a survey of the life and ministry of the apostle Paul, with a focus on his missionary and evangelistic labors. Attention is also given to Pauline theology. Studying these aspects of Paul’s life and ministry will provide instruction and encouragement for ministry in the present day.

SF 202 - Spiritual Formation and Ministry Seminar: Praise

We praise God by actively expressing our appreciation of and our anticipation to God for His generous gifts of love, grace, mercy, salvation, eternal life and our daily needs and personal well-being. We also praise God for the pain, mental anguish, grief, sickness and uncomfortable situations in life as well for they bring meaning, worth, purpose, closeness
and dependency on our Lord as well as our need to recognize His sovereignty. This seminary will provide the foundation for a life of praise.

Spring/Summer Semester Course Descriptions

MIN 201 - Evangelism and Discipleship

This course is an introduction to personal and corporate evangelism and discipleship ministry in the ministry of local churches. Particular attention will be given to the process of equipping believers in local churches to effectively evangelize the lost and disciple the saved. Attention will also be focused on big event discipleship that enhances the
evangelistic efforts of the local church.

MATH 201 - Basic Mathematics

This course provides an understanding of basic mathematics to help create and manage ministry budgets. Topics include solving equations, inequalities and systems of equations, exponents, radicals, polynomial, inverse, and rational functions and their graphs.

ECOL 201 - Ecology

Basic Ecology presents the fundamental concepts of ecology that are required to understand and preserve the delicate balance and relationship between plants and animals on the planet. Topics include the interactions among individuals of a population, biology, climate and animal species. Also discussed are growth, regulation, diversity, and stability of populations, and the interactions among populations at the community and ecosystems level.

SF 203 - Spiritual Formation and Ministry Seminar: Fasting

This seminar explains the importance of fasting from all food, or certain foods, for a specified period of time to reflect on the significance of discipline or submission to God while seeking His will, insight, direction or favor in relation to a specific issue. It will explain and explore the necessity of fasting and how it contributes to spiritual insight and fulfillment if seeking God and Him alone.


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