Certificate in Biblical Studies

About the Program:

The Certificate of Biblical Studies program is designed to provide students with a basic, yet comprehensive, overview of both the Old and New Testaments as well as an introduction to the basic tenants of the Christian Faith and world view. The courses included in the Certificate program examine the meaning and message of Scripture as it was intended to be understood by its original audience. Students will be guided to understand the relevance and practical application of Scripture to their lives and ministry and its worth to the individuals they serve through the local church and religious organizations.

Program Educational Objectives

Objective: Explain the reason for and the importance of accepting and believing in the authority of Scripture as the foundation and rationale for the Christian faith.

Classes: Understanding the Bible, Revelation and God, Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey, Introduction to Theology, The Gospels

Objective: Describe the central themes of the Old and New Testaments and their culmination in the Gospel Message.

Classes: Understanding the Bible, Revelation and God, Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey, The Pentateuch, Introduction to Theology, The Gospels

Objective: Present in writing and orally, a personal statement of faith that incorporates the major tenants of evangelical theology.

Classes: Basic English Grammar, Oral Communication, Revelation and God, Understanding the Bible, Introduction to Theology

Objective: Participate in a program of Spiritual Formation and Christian Ministry Spiritual Formation.

Topics: Worship, Prayer, Meditation Christian Ministry: Students Choosing

Requirements for the Certificate in Biblical Studies

  1. Completion of all courses with a GPA of 2.00.
  2. Completion of all entrance requirements, personal statement of faith supported by applicable verses from Scripture.
  3. Completion of all Christian service requirements as presented in the Guido Bible College Student Christian Service Manual.
  4. Payment of all tuition expenses, student fees and graduation fees.

Certificate of Biblical Studies Coursework

Year One – Fall Semester

Discovering God at Work

Basic English Grammar (ENG101), 3 hours

Understanding the Bible (BI101), 3 hours
Revelation and God (TH111), 3 hours
Spiritual Formation and Ministry Seminar: Worship (SF101), 1 hour

Year One – Winter Semester

Old and New Together

Old Testament Survey (BI102), 3 hours
New Testament Survey (BI102), 3 hours
The Pentateuch (BI107), 3 hours
Spiritual Formation and Ministry Seminar: Prayer (SF102), 1 hour

Year One – Spring/Summer Semester

Proclaiming the Word

Introduction to Theology (TH204), 3 hours
Oral Communications (ENG102), 3 hours
The Gospels (BI105), 3 hours
Spiritual Formation and Ministry Seminar: Meditation (SF103), 1 hour

Fall Semester Course Descriptions

ENG 101 - Basic English Grammar

This course is a study of written communication that will equip students with the skills and abilities to express God’s message clearly and effectively by teaching the basic skills of writing. Class members will learn how to prepare sermons, announcements, and Bible studies. They will also learn how to write Bible studies, articles, and news releases that
are clear and easy to understand.

BI 101 - Understanding the Bible

This course briefly surveys the history of Biblical interpretation and focuses on the methods, procedures, resources, tools, and personal skills that are necessary for individual interpretation of the Bible. A review of Bible dictionaries, concordances, reference works, and a comparison of various translations and study Bibles is included.

TH111 - Revelation and God

This course is a comprehensive study of the methods God uses to communicate to individuals who are seeking to understand and know His will for their lives. It includes the idea that study of Scripture, prayer, worship and fellowship with other Christians are methods God uses to speak to us.

SF 101 - Spiritual Formation and Ministry Seminar: Worship

The seminars on Spiritual Formation are designed to encourage each student to become personally responsible to and involved in “discovering and following God at work in their lives.” Whether engaged as a teacher or enrolled as a student, both are expected to expand and enhance their relationship with God, by design, to grow into the likeness of Christ – whom we are called to serve. The ultimate foundation for all of Christian service is worship, and therefore will be emphasized continually in the classroom as well as in or at special events, activities and programs. The intentional goal of each seminar, whether viewed individually or collectively, is to provide a time for prayer, accountability, encouragement and sharing.

Winter Semester Course Descriptions

BI 102 - Old Testament Survey

This course will engage in a historical and theological survey of the Old Testament. Emphasis is placed on the canonical formation, historical background, theological themes, redemptive history, and key interpretive issues.

BI 103 - New Testament Survey

A study of the New Testament focusing on its over-arching vision of God’s mission in the world and how human beings are called to respond. Each book will be placed in its cultural and historical setting as we focus on its distinctive contribution to the New Testament. Along the way students will be introduced to critical methods for studying the New
Testament and will reflect on how we can integrate scholarly perspectives with a conviction that the New Testament is the Word of God.

BI 107 - The Pentateuch

The overall design of this class is to carefully trace the original narrative strategy of the Pentateuch. This course will examine the literary and historical claim that the Pentateuch was originally composed of a single book. Students will survey the broad stretches of narrative, spanning the time from Creation, to the Covenant at Sinai, to the Conquest of Canaan as recorded in the “books” of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. The evidence of authorship and historical dating of these writings will be detailed.

SF 102 - Spiritual Formation and Ministry Seminar: Prayer

Prayer is approaching, communicating and addressing God through Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord, under the direction of the Holy Spirit. This seminar delves into the significance and awe we receive through a personal encounter with God as we first ask for His forgiveness, then recognize, with thanksgiving, His blessings in our lives and ultimately plead for the humility and ability to accept and glorify Him with the opportunities, gifts and challenges He brings into our lives each day.

Spring/Summer Semester Course Descriptions

TH 204 - Introduction To Theology

This course is an in-depth consideration of the significant theological topics and themes in the Bible. Included is a study and interpretation of the Christian faith, and experience of God based on God’s divine self-revelation. It will also apply these truths to the full meaning of the Christian life.

ENG 102 - Oral Communications

This course is a comprehensive presentation of the components of the content and process of speaking to an audience. It will identify and explain the essential elements of the communication process, the elements of preparing and delivering an effective speech and methods of evaluating the effectiveness of personal communication.

BI 105 - The Gospels

This course is a comparative and expository study of the gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke. Particular attention is given to the synoptic problem and the source of each of the synoptic Gospels. Students will also learn the similarities and differences between the messages of the synoptic writers.

SF 103 - Spiritual Formation and Ministry Seminar: Meditation

Meditation is one of the most essential components of spiritual growth and development. Christians engage in meditation during a time of isolation and insulation from the noise of the world to soberly and honestly seek and listen to the voice of God as He reveals Himself to the Christian through reading the Word, intercessory prayer and waiting to hear God’s voice.


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